What do you need the most right now?

No, not pizza.

Well, maybe a little pizza, but you also need a little boost to kick some serious tuchas in 2019.

We got you.

In celebration of our launch (queue magical confetti!!!!!), we are doing a special end-of-year

holy-shit-we-launched-and-we-can't-wait-to-work-with-you packaged offer.

Good timing, right?


What’s included in this packaged deal:


Audit & REPORT

Strategy Deep Dive

Half-day Photoshoot

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We’ll help you harness your vision to create the marketing strategy and content the way you always knew it could be.

process & The details:


BRAND AUDIT & report

The first step is an honest review of what you’ve accomplished thus far and what you need to take it to the next level. This analysis includes a look into all aspects of how your brand is perceived by the world.

We gather market research, evaluate direct competitors and of course all of your own marketing. In detail, we review: 

  • Your Brand Story

  • Your Marketing Messaging

  • Website (copy, user experience, products and more)

  • Competitive Edge and Position

  • Market Position

At completion, you walk away with a written and visual report with valuable insights and suggestions to move into the next stage of strategy development. 

standard rate: $1200



STRATEGY Deep dive

Just you and us - magical.

Here’s where we get to dive into creating the strategy you need to move your brand forward. Walk away with exactly what you need to do to impact all areas of your marketing. Includes in-depth brand, marketing, social media and collaboration strategy guides designed with your custom branding.

  • Brand & Content Strategy Guide

  • Marketing Strategy Guide

  • Social Strategy Guide

  • Collaboration Strategy Guide

standard rate: $2000



photoshoot (half-day)

You can’t execute all that killer strategy without the right visuals to bring your brand to life.

Half-Day Photoshoot (lifestyle or product)

  • Custom Mood Board and/or Shot List

  • Creative Direction

  • No limit on final images

standard rate: $1450


This super-awesome-get-your-marketing-in-gear for 2019 special bundle is only available through the end of 2018.

First come, first scheduled!



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