Ernst & Young / Hellosociety | CONCEPT CASE STUDY

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“Advice from Future Me” Creative Marketing Concept

As the Director of Creative at HelloSociety (A New York Times Company), Kristen concepted for all Influencer marketing, experiential, and social campaigns. From idea, to content guidelines and hashtags, below is an example of her work for one of HelloSociety’s clients.

Building awareness for career opportunities through the Ernst & Young internship program.

Hellosociety’s Influencer campaign with Ernst & Young promoted E&Y as a desirable place to work through 5 business minded Influencers on various social platforms - Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat.

Their target demographic was college students looking for internships. The concept was “Advice from Future Me”:

  • HelloSociety Influencers shared personal stories of what they did in college/early in their careers, or what they should have done in hindsight, to accomplish their goals in their dream role – from career decisions based on what they want in a company, to ways to find a progressive career that you love.

  • Influencers discussed the importance of working for companies, passions, and people that are leading-edge, progressive, and forward-thinking to set up their future.

  • All content was then sponsored by Ernst & Young.

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