Fedex / Hellosociety | CONCEPT CASE STUDY

“#12DaysOfFedex” Creative Marketing Concept

As the Director of Creative at HelloSociety (A New York Times Company), Kristen concepted for all Influencer marketing, experiential, and social campaigns. From idea, to content guidelines and hashtags, below is an example of her work for one of HelloSociety’s clients.

A Fedex Influencer campaign to increase awareness, engagement, and brand relevance among small business owners.

As small business owners, bloggers, designers, and adventurers, HelloSociety Influencers were constantly creating content that inspired their fans to follow their passions. They’re also a go to resource for favorite tips and tricks of the trade for a vast array of industries and interests. 

In the #12DaysofFedEx campaign, select HelloSociety Influencers partnered with FedEx to show the ways FedEx makes their everyday life easier and better—especially during the holiday season - from FedEx’s customer support to online services. 

  • HelloSociety Influencers captured beautiful images of their behind-the-scenes experience with FedEx—from finding a gift, selling their small business product, or needing expedited service. They highlighted the stress free and easy experience of relying on Fedex during the holiday craze to get their package into the right hands as soon as possible.

  • Influencers were small business owners who had packages to ship out to clients, bloggers doing holiday shopping, travelers who had to find the easiest way to send off gifts to their loved ones back home, and hosts wanting supplies fast for the perfect holiday party.