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Consulting, Collaboration & Content for CMS Pilates + needed a Pilates photoshoot. Claudia Martin of CMS Pilates needed content. H&H brought the two together.

Our photo client,, was planning to do two features for Fall 2018 around the concepts of core strength. They reached out to not only book the shoot, but to see if we had any tricks up our sleeve for a body positive model that could do pilates, as well as a space that would resonate for the shoot.

Separately, we were in the consulting mix with a new wellness client, Claudia Martin, to help her with strategy on her studio, CMS Pilates. Claudia was a former model who opened her studio after her daughter was born, and just so happened to need some content of her own to promote her growing business.

The stars aligned for our pitch to’s editor who loved both our client and the location. Hart & Highland worked our collaboration and connection magic for a photoshoot match made in heaven.

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