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Marketing Consulting & Creative Campaigns for Spread the Love

A marketing foundation, some social strategy, and creative campaigns that turned into a movement make H&H one happy little studio.

With an awesome, growing product and huge hearts, Zach and Val of Spread the Love knew it was time to think B-I-G. With that big picture in mind, H&H and STL partnered to first finesse the STL marketing and social foundation, making sure they were talking to the right customers and strategically engaging them with their delicious product and amazing brand story.

Next up, a serious focus on their new website including a structural audit as well as content suggestions for an optimized user experience. From there, the basics and best practices of Instagram and of Pinterest - a platform that was an entirely new traffic driver for their brand.

After they knew what to do, it was time to consult on some awesome execution and put it all into play. AKA helllooo creative campaigns!

H&H concepted a 360 campaign for Spread the Love - including full concept, campaign guidelines, and Influencer campaign best practices/management - launching experientially at Expo West in March 2019. The #CleanAFCertified campaign showcased the high quality, clean ingredients in STL products while simultaneously creating a movement for consumers to expect more out of the food they eat. Kicking off at the convention, H&H consulted with STL on their ad in Thrive magazine to promote the event, their booth build out and concept, their samples, and their messaging to their audience. From there, the campaign had some serious legs, living digitally through Influencer and Brands with content and giveaways on Pinterest, Instagram, Blogs, Email, and even a custom STL #CleanAFCertified landing page on their site where others could learn more about and join the movement.

After the #CleanAFCertified partnership success, STL & H&H continued the relationship in a consulting capacity, working to hit the brands goals and support each other along the way.

  • Marketing and Social Media Foundation

  • Full website audit and consult on new website

  • Full concept, content guidelines, content creation tactics, Influencer marketing best practices, and campaign management on Pinterest

  • Consult on experiential concept and build out

  • Facilitation of collaborations with other magical H&H clients!


Some examples of #CleanAFCertified posts for the campaign

#CleanAFCertified Joint Pinterest Board with Influencer Rachel Conners of Bakerita

Spread the Love Clean AF Thrive ad for Expo West and Video of the campaign kicking off at the convention (Click Image to Watch)