Wolf & Irving / Weeknight bite | CASE STUDY


Collaboration for Wolf & Irving + Ambassador Weeknight Bite

A food blogger and a table linen company - with a common love of effortless entertaining - collaborate on the perfect breakfast. Yum.

Our client, Wolf & Irving, makes everyday entertaining effortless! In an effort to drive this home for their Instagram target audience, we partnered them with a brand ambassador and another client of Hart & Highland who truly believed in their messaging and purpose. Lindsay from @WeeknightBite used a custom Wolf & Irving table cloth and napkins to showcase to her followers the ways that she makes a breakfast table feel extra special - side of pancakes included. She posted about effortless entertaining tips on her blog as well to give consumers a 360 view into the ways these linens can fit into your everyday lifestyle.

Lindsay also gave her followers a special discount code, and the organic partnership was captured by Hart & Highland. Both Wolf & Irving and Lindsay used this content for their social imagery and the collaboration became a match made in a blue-and-flower-patterned-heaven.