What Are You Not Doing on Pinterest?

We love the awesomeness that is Pinterest and yet find so many brands are under utilizing the platform. While we could go on and on about the amazing visual search engine, here are a few tips to quickly improve your Pinterest mojo.

  1. Include SEARCHABLE keywords in your profile.

  2. Posts should ALL be vertical – NO horizontal images. Use a 2:3 ratio (600x900, 1000x1500, 1200x1800, 2000x3000)

  3. Think about user experience - pins should reflect what they are clicking to in terms of style and content. If you have a Pin about healthy snack ideas, dropping someone straight to your e-commerce page to make a purchase is not the ideal path. Consider writing a blog post with a variety of healthy snack options and include your own with a bit of background about why yours is a great option. Below is a simple example of how we did this for Partake Foods.

4. Tutorials, tips, stacked images, recipes, and text overlays perform well and drive clicks. Just as shown above and with the example below, you can add text-based overlays to images to grab attention for your topic. The graphic below is a pin we created to promote another blog post with tips and our downloadable brand foundation guide.

5. Give the reader something to do. If there’s an action they can take, share the next steps and add a link to somewhere useful. How can you create an interest for more? The best way is an offer for something of valuable beyond the click. You may want to offer a free download, expert advice, quick tips - get creative! The goal is to move beyond a re-pin and entice your ideal audience to want to take the extra step to learn how you can solve their problem.