How Pinterest Works for Our Clients

When first working with our client, Partake Foods - a DELICIOUS better-for-you cookie that happens to be free of the top 8 allergens and gluten, we knew that Pinterest would be a perfect fit for their brand. More on that in a sec.

Most brands can do really well on Pinterest and drive a boatload of traffic to their website BUT many aren’t using it to its full potential.


  1. 250 million people use Pinterest every month

  2. 84% use Pinterest when they’re trying to decide what to buy

  3. 98% have tried something new they found on Pinterest

  4. 77% have found a new brand or product

  5. 80% of moms in the US are on Pinterest

  6. 59% of millennials have discovered a new product on Pinterest

  7. 66% of Pinners who view content from brands made a purchase as a result

  8. 66% are inspired to make an unplanned purchase on Pinterest

  9. 55% of Pinners are looking specifically for products - 4 times as many as on other platforms

  10. 61% of Pinners say Pinterest is where they find ideas to be their best selves

We always tell clients to think of Pinterest as a visual search engine or as Pinterest CEO, Ben Silbermann explained it during a Fortune Brainstorm Tech Conference, “a catalog that’s hand-picked”. Silbermann expands on the image based focus of the platform by saying, “No amount of technology is going to change the fact that people process information visually.”


Unlike other social platforms, people on Pinterest are actively engaged and are actually looking to be exposed to brands and ideas. However, it’s not as simple as pin-it and they’ll come in droves - there are definitely best practices and strategies that will make the most out of your Pinterest efforts which brings us back to why Pinterest is such a great fit for Partake Foods.

Here (because we love stats) are a few food/bev stats:

  • 95% of Pinners discovered new food and beverage ideas on Pinterest

  • 72% of Pinners find branded food and beverage content on Pinterest useful.

  • As noted, Partake is an allergy-friendly snack choice which is in line with food trends where searches for gluten free, dairy free and vegan options are hugely on the rise (upwards of +52-88%).

As we do for Partake, create blog posts that focus on providing value in the form of education, inspiration, entertainment and access. Create a custom pin and include a link to your blog post. As we share in our 5 Pinterest Quick Tips, always want to deliver a positive user experience.

Keeping our client’s privacy in mind, we will only share public information already available to all. However, those public stats are mighty exciting to us! Below you will see how much growth can happen in even a short 30 days.

30 days after Hart & Highland:

  • Followers: 257

  • Average Monthly Viewers: 57,373

Prior to Hart & Highland:

  • Followers: 61

  • Average Monthly Viewers: 267

Extra Tips & Tools:

  • Don’t have an in-house graphic designer? Not to worry! We often use Canva for a variety of smaller design projects, including custom Pins. Canva offers a ton of great templates that you can customize and make your own.

  • Before you do ANYTHING - take stock of where you are now with a simple audit of your Pinterest stats. Pull data from your Pinterest account, your website, Google Analytics and any other third-party tools/platforms you may use for analytics. Take some screen shots while you’re at it. You’ll be glad you took note so that you can track all of your exiting progress and truly understand what efforts are working best for your business.

  • Another great tool we use with Pinterest is Tailwind. You can schedule pins, join tribes, access additional analytics and more.

  • If you are utilizing your blog as a place to drive pin traffic to, make sure it is optimized! AND because 85% of pinners are accessing Pinterest on a mobile device, your website along with your blog had better be optimized and provide a great mobile experience. The last thing you want is to drive tons of Pinterest traffic to a poorly designed/optimized website and/or blog.

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