5 Tips for Your Welcome Email

I’m sure you know or have been told about the importance of growing an email list. In fact, it may have come to mind during the recent Facebook & Instagram outage. We love social media and truly believe in the power when used for good. However, it’s like renting without rent control or good rental rights. You could get screwed and be left out in the cold.

Awesome, we are in agreement that growing an email list is a wise decision and maybe you’ve even started gathering email addresses on your website. Have you set-up an automated introductory email to welcome your new friend to your email list? If not, this post is for you. If you have, you should still read this.

There are tons of great email marketing platforms available today. For beginners, I like to suggest MailChimp as they provide a lot of great guides and support, are easy to use and offer low-cost options (and free) until you get to a large number of subscribers. If using MailChimp, you can set-up a Welcome email via the templates provided for “Automations” via “Campaigns”.

Tip 1: Less is More

Focus on connecting with your readers based on shared values (your mission/why/purpose), provide expectations for what is to come and inspire an immediate action (possibly access to a free resource/something of value - see tip 3) and make a request to add you as a safe sender or add you to contacts. You want them to feel good about their decision to subscribe and to anticipate what you send next.

Tip 2: Don’t Ask, Give

Don’t try to sell anything in this email. I know you’re really excited to start using this email marketing thing to generate sales, but let’s be thoughtful. Your new subscriber already gave you something, their email address - don’t be rude. Think like Gary Vanerchuck.

Tip 3: Freebies & What’s Next

You may already have a little freebie (aka lead magnet) to offer in exchange for signing up for your list. In that case, of course you will want to send this in your welcome email. If you’re still working on that PDF of recipes or your top tips for taking care of new puppies, stop perfecting and just know done is great. You can always make improvements but let’s get this valuable offering out there and to your people. If you offered a coupon code at signup, include it but keep tip #2 above in mind.

Tip 4: Smart Subject Lines

Subject line suggestions are wide and vary depending on what will be included in your email. If you’re sending a freebie, include it directly in your subject line. Such as: “Your Foundation Guide from Hart & Highland ⚡”. Here are a few suggestions from Benchmark and Hubspot.

Tip 5: Personalize Your “From”

Make sure your emails are sending immediately after your new subscriber signs up, especially if they signed up based on an offer you promised. To help with deliverability and recognition, for the “from” name settings, consider including a first name (yours or your team member’s) and your company name, such as: “Susan from Artisans”. Feel free to show some personality and truly welcome your new friend.

I’d love to see how it goes! Please email me at arica@hartandhighland.com with a link to your email signup. :)